Our consultants are actively involved in a wide variety of creative projects with major infrastructure companies, institutions and agencies as well as with universities and SMEs.

Some examples of the range of projects we’ve worked on or are in progress include:

Flexible, active, intelligent electricity networks
Transformer and cable wireless monitoring, thermal rating and environmental monitoring
Low cost non-invasive HV switchgear load monitoring and condition prognostics
Automated and remote controlled high capacity LV circuit breakers and switches with power electronics, load monitoring and adaptive protection
HV incipient fault detection and location

KlikPower: Low cost wireless sensors for multicore HV armoured cables and scavenging for IoT sensing
Impounded dams: Distributed condition monitoring and prognostic systems for dams and reservoirs
Active Response: Power electronics for HV & LV networks, Soft Open Points and Soft Power Bridges. 
Dynamic Response: Responsive Inertia, Voltage Support and Fault current forcing 11-400kV
HV and LV Protection relays: Non-invasive HV Directional power, LV Fast Set and Reverse Power
Charge: Radical DC networks for large scale distributed  G2V, V2G, V2V &  x2x networks to optimise capacity and minimise space for plant and cabling
Kestrel: Active network management and real-time loss measurement and reduction toolsets with GPS timing and location systems for event detection, location and analysis
Zefal: Optimised generators designed for network compatibility “A model network citizen”
Cable theft alarm system for railways.

Through these and many other projects we have delivered diverse services including the road-mapping of business innovation programmes, complex integrated demonstration projects, power electronics, real-time wireless monitoring, prognostics, visualisation, evaluation of low carbon energy opportunities, challenge and review, economic and value analysis, and programme management. We have also helped clients to create and validate views of the future of their business through our workshops services.


We are experienced in successfully assisting companies with the structuring and preparation of bids to Innovate UK and industry funded schemes such as the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and the Network innovation Competition (NIC). We also work extensively with universities to establish collaborative projects with industry.